Cocoa VS Cacao What’s the Difference?

Cocoa VS Cacao What’s the Difference? Besides a few letter changes and confusing packaging at the store, it’s no wonder we find that we still don’t quite understand cocoa vs cacao. So, let’s start from the beginning, cocoa is the conventional, English version of the word cacao. When a finished good is described as ‘cocoa’, it […] Read more

What is Yacon Syrup and What you Need to Know

Discover the amazing benefits of yacon syrup, originally from the Andes Mountains in South America with a history of consumption of over 100 years for medicinal purposes. It was believed to have powerful properties that lead to improvements in diabetes and kidney and digestive disorders. The western world has later found that with its amazing, […] Read more

Resolutions You Will Keep! 5 Tips to Stay Resolute to your Goals

Write it down. The process of communicating a goal to paper has the tremendous effect of creating the vision of the journey to reach your goal. It’s essentially the first step to figuring out what you want and a perfect place to start brainstorming in case you haven’t quite developed your goal yet. Move backwards […] Read more

Tips to Beat Your Naughty Holiday Food Cravings

This holiday season use these clever strategies to help stop or at least reduce your naughty food cravings. In our society we use food (especially desserts) to celebrate with and it is up to you to make sure you stay on the rise and focus on health. “Without health life is not life; it is […] Read more

Natural Remedies to Kick that Winter Cold

Ginger/Lemon/Honey: These separate or together can pack a powerful punch and sooth the throat. Try them in a cold pressed juice or hot tea. Add local honey to naturally sweeten and help fight off allergies. “Honey works especially well on coughs,” says Elena Klimenko, M.D., an integrative medicine practitioner in New York City. “And it […] Read more

20 Thanksgiving Quotes & Toasts

Imagine sitting around the dinner table with your friends and family with the aroma of delicious food in the air. A big feast you are about to enjoy will typically begin with a few words exchanged by the host and guests before digging in. Here are some awesome Thanksgiving quotes we think might set the […] Read more

The Best Thing That Ever Happened to Vegans

Although pumpkin seeds are small, they pack a major punch—especially if you’re following a plant-based diet. Many vegetarians are faced with the same question almost every day, “Where do you get your protein?” While the best sources of plant-based protein comes from nuts and seeds, one seed stands above the rest: pumpkin seeds. Two tablespoons […] Read more

How Much Protein Should You be Eating Daily?

Powders, bars, shakes – it seems like there’s an infinite number of forms that protein can come in. So what way is actually the best way to get your protein, and how much of it should you be getting for a healthy, balanced diet? If you’re an athlete, you need more protein than the average […] Read more

Top 5 Things You’re Doing Wrong When You Grocery Shop

When grocery shopping, you’re already taking a step in the right direction by checking the labels of the products you buy. Making sure you understand what’s listed on the label is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Even something as harmless as almond butter can often contain added sugars and flavors to enhance the taste. […] Read more

Thriving Through Thanksgiving

Eager To Grow and Learn. Yes we are! In reflecting on our Rise Bar’s Core Value and staying up on the Thanksgiving season our team incorporates bite size bits of how we are grateful by journaling our gratitude. We believe in this handy way to shift our consciousness for the better and invite our community […] Read more

Guide to CrossFit Lingo

Getting into a Cross Fit lifestyle can be difficult, but sometimes even the jargon can be mystifying. If you’re an athlete and you’ve dedicated yourself to a clean-eating health-conscious lifestyle, you might not realize how you sound to those on the outside. For those just getting started, we’ve compiled a short list of words you might hear […] Read more

8 Nutty Facts about Nuts

Categories Blog Events Calendar News & Press Rise Bar Advocates Happy National Nut Day! The Rise Bar crew is nuts about nutrition, and well, nuts! Many of the bars we hand-make in our own facility are packed with nuts! We don’t stop there. We take our nutty bars on the go with us for adventures […] Read more

Conversation with High Riser, Marly Campos

Our next High Riser has worked her way through the ranks of college participating in Cheerleading, Acrobatics & Tumbling all the way to CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting. Whether she’s participating in competitive dance, soccer, or cheerleading, Marly Campos has always been training to get better. Marly’s journey began in Newport Beach, California, where she was […] Read more

4 Common Pre-Race Nutrition Mistakes

Congratulations! Your countless miles, your beat up feet, your sweaty sacrifices of missing out socially will all pay off race day. But don’t let that hard work get sabotaged by these common pre-race nutrition mistakes. Beware of the below pitfalls before getting to the start line. Don’t try new foods or beverages. Introducing new ingredients […] Read more

5 Reasons to Go Non-GMO

5 Reasons to Go Non-GMO In awareness of Non-GMO Month Rise Bar wants to celebrate our right to know what is in our food. The more we learn, the more it motivates us to pressure our suppliers into providing only the very best ingredients for our bars! Follow our journey as we work with The […] Read more

Conversation with High Riser: Kelly Smith

Never Take for Granted the Ability to be Active “Awesome Ain’t Easy” By Liz Lang No athlete has achieved beyond their expectations by way of minimal effort. Our next High Riser, Kelly Smith, a triathlete born in Sacramento, CA is no exception. Attitude is everything, and Kelly’s shined through when Rise Bar asked about what […] Read more

Conversation with High Riser, Emily Reynolds

Every obstacle is an opportunity to make you stronger. Our next High Riser Emily Reynolds takes that mantra to heart. After facing a set of debilitating health issues, Emily became a certified fitness nutrition specialist, coach, and business owner. It’s her mission to help those facing setbacks overcome their health challenges and thrive. Originally hailing […] Read more

Tips from Advocate Brian McFadden

We may have this whole thing backwards. The average American eats “nutrient poor, calorie rich” foods. Things like a McDonalds Hamburger, slice of pizza or a box of sour patch kids. What if we switched that mantra to “nutrient rich, calorie poor” foods? The proposal is a lofty one, I know, however, the cost of […] Read more

Conversation with High Riser Eveline Van Brande

Traveling the world can be an exciting array of different sights and cultures, but there’s always one thing that seems to remain constant: the beauty of the ocean. Our next High Riser, surfer Eveline Van Brande, hails from the country of Belgium but calls California her home ever since she moved here at the age […] Read more

Yoga with Rocky (Los Angeles)

Categories Blog Events Calendar News & Press Rise Bar Advocates YOGA WITH ROCKY [los angeles] from Andrew Hines on Vimeo. Read more

Healthy Snacks for Road Trips

It’s easy to prioritize convenience over health when you’re eating food on the go. But if you find yourself on the open road this summer, make sure you pack some healthy snacks along with your bags. In order to avoid falling prey to those gas station pit stops, we at Rise Bar have compiled a […] Read more

Greatist Votes Almond Honey Rise Bar-“The Best Snack and Meal-Replacement Bar

Greatist recently took the mass amount of bars to the critics to find the top 15 bars that are actually healthy. Rise Bar Almond Honey Protein+ takes the cake! They say, “Despite having just three ingredients, this bar is no slacker. It’s got a whopping 20 grams of protein to keep you trucking through a […] Read more

Conversation with Modern Day Adventurers

These High Risers are taking the road less traveled – literally. Chelsea Van and Rob McNamee are modern day adventurers and partners who are embarking on a journey across America on the Trans America Trail. Along with their dogs Ronan and Locke, they are making their way westward to Denver, Colorado, where they are planning […] Read more

Conversation with High Riser Josh Mulcoy

Here at Rise Bar, we’ve done a lot of profiles on individuals, but taking some time away to contemplate the beauty of nature around you and the vastness of it all can be a good way to restore your energy as well. And nature is exactly what our next High Riser, surfer Josh Mulcoy, focuses […] Read more

Conversation with High Riser Ashley Dvorin

Having lived in London, Rome, and Chicago, our next High Riser, CrossFit athlete Ashley Dvorin has certainly seen a lot of the world from different perspectives. Whether she’s traveling across the world or just on a weekend getaway, Ashley makes sure to try the local flavors, relax, and of course — work on her fitness. […] Read more

Real Simple Magazine Votes Rise Bar “Best Fruit-And-Nut Bar”

Real Simple Magazine takes a road test for the most “on the go” friendly bars. Rise Bar makes the cut in a very competitive landscape with our tasty Crunchy Cashew Almond Breakfast Bar that rises to the occasion with flying colors. Real Simple says, “For a grab-and-go snack that can also handle a rough ride […] Read more

Fast Tips for Faster Running

Runner, Triathlete, and all around fitness advocate James Walsh shared his top five ways to run faster with us recently. He’s run marathons, experienced triathlons, and competed in off-road racing. Now, he’s turned his attention to ultra-running, or extremely long-distance running. Check out his expert advice for those of us looking to get faster, or […] Read more

Meet Rise Bar Athlete: Oluseyi Smith – Olympic Runner

We had the chance to chat with Rise Bar athlete and Olympic runner Oluseyi Smith who told us more about himself and his training for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio! Read on the learn more about Oluseyi and find out which Rise Bar flavor he loves to snack on after training. Read more

Conversation with High Riser Justin Bird

Passion is something we all strive for, and here at Rise Bar, we’re especially excited to showcase those high risers who pursue their passions. Justin Bird, our latest high riser, does that quite literally – as part of the team of matchmakers on Bravo TV’s ‘Millionaire Matchmaker,’ Justin gets up every day with the enthusiastic […] Read more

Goal Setting Boosts Your Chances of Exercise Success

By Claire Bunton Goal Setting Boosts Your Chances of Exercise Success No matter when you decide to up your activity levels and how you wish to do so, goal setting is crucial to successfully incorporate exercise into your life; whether you simply want to lead a healthier lifestyle or you are a top athlete, goal […] Read more

Conversation with High Riser Sally Kazemi

We at Rise Bar pride ourselves on showcasing a diversity of passions and active lifestyles here on our blog. Our next high riser does just that. Meet Sally Kazemi, a model and beauty pageant star with a focus on fitness. She entered her first pageant just recently, and with her dedication, ended up qualifying for […] Read more

Summer Bucket List

Whether you take an exotic vacation or enjoy time at home for the season, summer is the time for fun under the sun and warm, relaxing nights. It’s also a great time to experience nature hands-on, when the weather’s not too hot, of course! We at Rise Bar want you to appreciate the great outdoors, […] Read more

Artificial Sweeteners: Satisfying Your Sweet Tooth without Them

With so many options available these days to sweeten food, it’s important to know the difference between them. We’ve come a lot farther since the days of pure cane sugar, whether we sweeten foods with chemically-synthesized compounds such as aspartame (found in diet soda drinks) or with newer and supposedly more natural ingredients such as […] Read more

Conversation with High Riser Aaron Gardner

Dedication, commitment, perseverance – these are just a few of the qualities we here at Rise Bar like to talk about with our High Risers. Our latest High Riser, Aaron Gardner, is no exception. As a former Marine, Aaron learned the meaning of commitment early on, whether it was commitment to his country or to […] Read more

Don’t Let These 5 Excuses Become Your Life’s Anthem

By Brian McFadden 1. “I don’t have time” You’re right, you probably don’t and it’s probably fixable. According to this statistic, the average person spends about 3 hours on social media. 3 FREAKIN’ HOURS! Now I know people who run online businesses who don’t even spend nearly that amount of time on social media. The […] Read more

Labeling Rules: What to Look For

Reading the labels on food can sometimes be a daunting task, but the challenge of finding out what is actually in your food is made all the more alarming by the ingredients that can be in your food, but not on the label. Even healthy foods like olive oil, which contains healthy fats and antioxidants, […] Read more


by Rini Sampath Hana Yoga Studio is the brainchild of California native, Eliza Darling. The spacious facility, just a few minutes from the stunning waves of Hamoa beach and the Waioka pool, attracts plenty of yoga enthusiasts. “Yoga is a daily reminder to live mindfully and with purpose. It teaches me to believe that anything […] Read more

Why Eat Rise Bar?

We believe food can be tasty andhealthy. And after more than a decadeof making nutrition bars, we know thatisn’t a new idea. Our bars areproof leading agluten-free life canbe very satisfying. Choose Rise Energy+ Barsand enjoy all the benefitsof a 100% organic snack. Every Rise bar is at leastall-natural – that meansno preservatives,non-GMO andnon-sulfured fruit. […] Read more


by Rini Sampath Most people her age find themselves peeling back textbook pages and hauling backpacks to class this fall. But Carly Wilson has carved out a different path for herself. After completing two years of college education at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, Wilson has taken a sabbatical in order to pursue her […] Read more


RISE BAR: Can you give us some background about yourself? Where did you grow up? What was your family like? How did you get involved with CrossFit? Chelsey: I grew up in the country. I played every sport and extracurricular activity offered at my small school in west Texas. My family took lots of weekend […] Read more


Throughout his life, James Walsh has stayed active and passionate about keeping the high energy going in his athletic career. Born and raised in San Diego, CA, Walsh was an avid baseball player and surfer, and moved to Virginia Beach, VA at the start of high school. A moment he is most proud of is, […] Read more


By: Liz Lang Yes, this Pro Longboarder’s name really is Mothershead. Troy Mothershead, raised in San Clemente, CA, now resides in Ventura, CA where he works for Patagonia—a company that produces organic outdoor clothing, gear, and sportswear. This spunky High Riser started surfing just as a hobby, growing up he aggressively pursued dreams of playing […] Read more


Thought of as a crusader of fitness, Brian McFadden is on a mission to share a lifestyle that incorporates food and fitness to live at your optimum level. His journey began 8 years ago studying as much as he could about sports performance and nutrition. It may have been his basketball background that motivated this […] Read more


by Rini Sampath At Rise Bar, we’ve had the pleasure of speaking to some of the most talented and passionate people on this planet. From surfers to runners, veterans to rock climbers, the list of Rise Bar High Risers continues to grow along with our company. Hank Gaskell, our latest and greatest selection, hails from […] Read more


by Rini Sampath Ehrgott’s photography evokes feelings of calm and peace. No wonder she chose to title her Tumblr, where she displays the majority of her work,”Stillness.” The vintage finish of her images — complete with light leaks and faded textures — make it hard to look away. She captures the joy of surfing and […] Read more


CrossFit athlete Alexandra Bardales knows a thing or two about perseverance. This Southern California native grew up in a family of active athletes – from her body-building brother to her horseback-riding sister. Alexandra has love and support all around but it is her father, an Olympic-class decathlete who was unable to compete in the 1980 […] Read more


By Rise Bar Staff Did you know that Zea mays, the scientific name for the common corn crop, is increasingly found in all types of foods and products, whether it is in artificial sweeteners like high-fructose corn syrup or in the diets of cattle? In these days, where we are confronted by all kinds of […] Read more


By the Rise Bar Staff (because we care about the stuff you put into your body) There’s a lot of buzz about the organic label. According to the officials at the US Department of Agriculture, organic standards govern how farmers grow crops and raise animals – and these same rules are also what help make sure your […] Read more


By Liz Lang Our next High Riser is a Southern California native from Pasadena, CA, and to say Katie Crowe was just a CrossFit competitor would be an understatement. She has artistic parental roots so she grew up loving the arts, and doing things like singing in choirs, painting, and drawing. As she got older […] Read more

Conversation with High Riser: Lauren Baker

By: Liz Lang Sometimes, you just gotta’ have your cheat meal. And we bet you’ll never guess that Rise Bar’s next High Riser, Lauren Baker, loves to chow down on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, sushi, or Thai food (or all of the above on one plate) after bikini competitions! No way, right? Lauren […] Read more

Conversation with High Riser: Eli Portnoy

By Liz Lang Excuses, excuses, every personal trainer, lifestyle coach, and doctor has heard ‘em all—“I don’t have time/money, my motivation is hiding in a box tied to an anchor at the bottom of the ocean, just thinking about that number of reps got me winded, etc.” Another frequent misconception—“I’m too old to get healthy.” […] Read more

Conversation with High Riser: Cameron Gardner

When we think of our advocate athletes here at Rise Bar, we think of people that are adventure chasers, those that really live on the edge to inspire others. Cameron Gardner is no exception. He grew up in Whittier, CA where he was a swimmer and water polo player during his high school years, and […] Read more

Conversation With High Riser: Tina Muir

by Liz Lang Living up to the family legacy is a common cloud overhead, especially for athletes. For High Riser Tina Muir, however, athleticism wasn’t always in the family cards. In fact, she is the only person who runs in her family and extended family. The only tie back to her athletic abilities she could […] Read more

Conversation with High Riser: James Haes

Do you ever find yourself sitting at home watching WWE’s Friday Night Smackdown and think to yourself, “That’s what I want to do with my life?” High Riser James Haes has. He grew up in Galloway, New Jersey and is the youngest of four. James grew up admiring his dad’s patience as he was responsible […] Read more

Going Gluten-Free

The Day Bagels Stopped Talking to Me I don’t remember when exactly this happened or why this even started but I was addicted to cereal, English muffins, pasta, pizza and my favorite… BAGELS. When grains became the core of my diet, the more I ate, the more the cravings continued leaving me unsatisfied and lethargic. […] Read more

Conversation with High Riser: Dana Marie

By Liz Lang. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live life on the go, literally? As in, a peripatetic. High Riser Dana Marie doesn’t wonder, she thrives on the peripatetic lifestyle! This professional dancer was born in Southern California and grew up in sunny South Florida, but moved around living in […] Read more

Conversation with High Riser: LT Matthew Arreola (USNA ‘08)

By Liz Lang High Riser Matthew Arreola graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 2008 and was stationed in San Diego, CA for nearly five years. San Diego “introduced me to trail running, and I was instantly hooked,” Arreola told Rise Bar. “I realized that I could only tolerate running on roads through the […] Read more

8 Facts You Didn’t Know About Pecans

Pecans could improve your love life? Pecans have been to outer space? Believe it or not, there are some interesting things about pecans that you probably never knew about.   There are over 1,000 varieties of pecans. Many are named for Native American Indian tribes, including Cheyenne, Mohawk, Sioux, Choctaw and Shawnee.   It would […] Read more

Conversations with High Riser: Brian McFadden

Thought of as a crusader of fitness, Brian McFadden is on a mission to share a lifestyle that incorporates food and fitness to live at your optimum level. His journey began 8 years ago studying as much as he could about sports performance and nutrition. It may have been his basketball background that motivated this […] Read more

Conversation with High Riser Troy Mothershead

By: Liz Lang Yes, this Pro Longboarder’s name really is Mothershead. Troy Mothershead, raised in San Clemente, CA, now resides in Ventura, CA where he works for Patagonia—a company that produces organic outdoor clothing, gear, and sportswear. This spunky High Riser started surfing just as a hobby, growing up he aggressively pursued dreams of playing […] Read more

Conversation with High Riser: Taylor Nelson

by Rini Sampath Most toddlers are figuring out how to work their kiddie toys at a young age, but not Taylor Nelson. She was already in the big leagues: At just five years old, this budding surfing superstar was grabbing her board and heading to the water. Now, as a teenager she continues to pursue […] Read more

Conversation with High Riser Travis Ricks

By Liz Lang All of our High Risers are in some way amazingly talented and have a drive to live an unstoppable lifestyle—Travis Ricks, especially. He was born in Pocatello, ID and is a current San Diego, CA resident. Ricks has always been a devoted athlete, while growing up he excelled as a college bound […] Read more

Conversation with High Riser: Dylan Gordon

by Rini Sampath Dylan Gordon is a journalist. But he doesn’t need a reporter’s pen or notebooks to express his thoughts. He’s got a different tool to capture the world. Gordon is a photographer. He is a visual journalist — one who upholds the age-old cliché, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” He finds […] Read more

Rise to the Occasion and Feed the Hungry

The family at Rise Bar recently had the opportunity to make a donation to Feed the Hungry, a global organization founded by Dr. Lester Summrall in 1987. We wanted to Rise to the Occasion and bring a smiling face to those who need it the most. Feed the Hungry has delivered more than $200 million […] Read more

Conversation with High Riser Hank Gaskell

by Rini Sampath At Rise Bar, we’ve had the pleasure of speaking to some of the most talented and passionate people on this planet. From surfers to runners, veterans to rock climbers, the list of Rise Bar High Risers continues to grow along with our company. Hank Gaskell, our latest and greatest selection, hails from […] Read more

Rise to the Occasion – Rise Bar Supports Our Troops!

Happy Veterans Day! Recently Sergeant Humberto McLaren, from the deployed team at Fort Carson, CO, wrote to us at Rise Bar a while back asking if we could donate some bars to boost his spirits and those of his fellow troops serving out in Afghanistan. We gladly sent some bars to support our soldiers, and […] Read more

Q&A With the CEO of Rise Bar

  Lucky for us we had a chance to sit down with the CEO of Rise Bar for a little Q&A. What is your favorite part about working at Rise Bar? I love the energy that everyone brings to Rise Bar. Who is one of your greatest inspirations? My parents. Tell us something about the […] Read more


By: Kendra Whitmire Human beings are by nature habitual beasts. It is so easy to fall into patterns of being. Wake up, go to work, come home, watch TV, go to sleep, repeat. If you are anything like me, you strive for ways to break up that monotony. There are so many things I want […] Read more

Conversation with High Riser: Rocky Heron

An ancient tradition that originated in India, yoga has now become a trend of western culture. Though it is tempting to brand yourself as a yoga aficionado after just one or two classes at your local gym; some people, like Rocky Heron, devote their entire lives to this practice. As the founder of Yoga with […] Read more


On August 23rd the Rise Bar Team put on their game faces and rallied over to the local Whole Foods Market in Tustin, CA for a good old-fashioned Ping Pong Showdown. At Rise Bar we like to keep things interesting and exciting, so along with our bars we brought over our custom-made ping pong table, […] Read more


by Constantina Konugres As the relaxing days of summer slowly start to dwindle, it’s important to keep calm and carry on as the rush of school, work, and a new season begins. Though easy to become overwhelmed with fall’s fast pace, keep in mind our fun, quirky tips and find yourself decompress and stress less […] Read more


by Rini Sampath Sometimes, the sights and sounds of your morning run or jog can get repetitive. Your neighbor’s mailbox. The same paved pathway adjacent to a busy road. The whirr of car motors. But what if you could take all of that out and have the most organic running experience of them all? Thanks […] Read more

Top 5 Hiking Destinations in Orange County, CA

 by Rini Sampath The time has come to take advantage of the summer sun and clear O.C. skies. Check out these gorgeous hiking locations fit for the Indiana Jones in you. Tackle each and every spot or pick and choose your favorite in the upcoming weeks; regardless of your decision, don’t forget to pack a […] Read more

Rise to the Occasion with CAF’s Operation Rebound!

The Rise Bar team is excited to partner with the Challenged Athletes Foundation’s Operation Rebound, a sports and fitness program for military personnel, veterans and first responders with permanent physical disabilities. To show our support for an organization that “Rises to the Occasion” every day, we’re teaming up with Operation Rebound at the ROC Race […] Read more

Announcing the Winners of our Rise to the Occasion for Back-to-School Contest!

We recently hosted our Rise to the Occasion for Back-to-School Contest and asked fans to tell us about past or present educators they know who go above and beyond in the classroom. We loved reading all of your inspirational and heartwarming stories about outstanding teachers, and we’re thrilled to announce our winners! We’d like to […] Read more

See Us in O – The Oprah Magazine

“This crispy treat contains seven grams of energizing protein – some of which is derived from amaranth, a grain that may lower cholesterol and reduce inflammation.” – See Us in the September Issue! Read more

Sgt. Bryce Justice Rises to the Occasion in Bean Station, TN!

Sgt. Bryce Justice is police officer serving his hometown of Bean Station, Tennessee. As a law enforcer, Sgt. Justice works closely with citizens to help keep the community safe. Sgt. Justice also works as a Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E. for short) officer, helping teach young students at local elementary schools valuable skills needed to […] Read more