Monthly Archives: December 2013

Conversations with High Riser: Brian McFadden

Thought of as a crusader of fitness, Brian McFadden is on a mission to share a lifestyle that incorporates food and fitness to live at your optimum level. His journey began 8 years ago studying as much as he could about sports performance and nutrition. It may have been his basketball background that motivated this […] Read more

Conversation with High Riser Troy Mothershead

By: Liz Lang Yes, this Pro Longboarder’s name really is Mothershead. Troy Mothershead, raised in San Clemente, CA, now resides in Ventura, CA where he works for Patagonia—a company that produces organic outdoor clothing, gear, and sportswear. This spunky High Riser started surfing just as a hobby, growing up he aggressively pursued dreams of playing […] Read more

Conversation with High Riser: Taylor Nelson

by Rini Sampath Most toddlers are figuring out how to work their kiddie toys at a young age, but not Taylor Nelson. She was already in the big leagues: At just five years old, this budding surfing superstar was grabbing her board and heading to the water. Now, as a teenager she continues to pursue […] Read more

Conversation with High Riser Travis Ricks

By Liz Lang All of our High Risers are in some way amazingly talented and have a drive to live an unstoppable lifestyle—Travis Ricks, especially. He was born in Pocatello, ID and is a current San Diego, CA resident. Ricks has always been a devoted athlete, while growing up he excelled as a college bound […] Read more

Conversation with High Riser: Dylan Gordon

by Rini Sampath Dylan Gordon is a journalist. But he doesn’t need a reporter’s pen or notebooks to express his thoughts. He’s got a different tool to capture the world. Gordon is a photographer. He is a visual journalist — one who upholds the age-old cliché, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” He finds […] Read more